How To Make Ice Cream Cones With Pizzelle Makers

Pizzelles are Italian treats normally made from eggs, sugar, and flour. Many people will identify them from the traditions of their families in holidays or from the outer parts of cannolis. Eating it as an ice cream cone is one of the best ways to eat pizzelle.

In order to make pizzelle cones, you must make pizzelle first. Pizzelles can be made with the help of a pizzelle maker. Majority of the pizzelle makes are electric and anyone can use them. You prepare the dough as per the instructions of the recipe, then put the batter on the pizzelle maker. Then close the top of the maker on the dough, wait for some time. Once the steam from the pizzelle makers stops, you can open it and your pizzelle is ready.

In order to make a cone out of pizzelle you must follow these steps:

Once the pizzelle come out of the pizzelle maker, use a pizzelle cone roller to roll it into an ice cream shape. Then press the seam together, you should be very careful while doing this because the pizzelle cone will be very hot. Let the cone cool for some time on a cooling rack. Once it is cool it will become hard and you can put ice cream in the cone and enjoy.

A pizzelle maker is not multifunctional. It is mainly used to prepare pizzelle and other cookies in waffle style. But if you prepare the cookies many times in a year, then it is definitely worth buying an electric pizzelle maker. You can find these makers online and in stores as well. A pizzelle maker basically heats the cookies between two plates of grids.